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Extreme fitness is a growing trend in the fitness industry which isn’t much of a surprise as this workout really pushes the body beyond its capabilities not only to burn calories but also to create toned and sculpted muscles. You’ve probably heard or seen this workout where a person wields a sledgehammer and use it to hit the large tire in front of them as many times as they can. And who hasn’t heard about CrossFit training where you’ll be pushing your body to perform squats, raises, curls, and work your way from one piece of gym equipment to the next in each session? It sounds like torture but this is what’s trending today.

Extreme Fitness Raises the Bar

Gone are the days when gyms are usually equipped with various gym machines. Nowadays, you’ll find torture like devices hanging from the ceiling, large tires seeming to engulf your tiny frame, and even sledgehammers that make you feel as if you’re going to work in a construction site. Fortunately, these aren’t really torture devices but regular equipment that you will use repeatedly to achieve that godlike physique. Sounds like fun, right?

The idea of fun depends on who is going to do extreme fitness. Those who seem keen on the idea of beating themselves to death by bringing all their energy to the sledgehammer as hit the large tires several times, or lifting said tire, or even running over, around, and under obstacles with heavy weights may love this kind of workout but for those who are just starting out, you’ll probably feel overwhelmed with the level of the intensity of the workout that you need to do and will most likely feel nauseous and lightheaded as you workout.

So what makes extreme fitness so popular nowadays? For one thing, due to the intensity of the workout, you will be required to use different muscle groups at the same time instead of limiting your movements to specific areas only which usually happens when working out on gym equipment. Also, you will get a total body workout when you do extreme fitness which is great for your heart.

What’s more, extreme fitness workouts have raised the bar when it comes to being physically fit because your endurance, strength, and mental capacity will be tested beyond their limits. Working in the gym for several hours lifting weights isn’t as impressive as before especially now when there is a whole new meaning to what fitness really means. With extreme fitness, people are pushing themselves as much as they can through grueling workouts that will really test their muscle strength and flexibility in order to achieve a much better figure.

Does Extreme Fitness Work?

With the intensity of extreme fitness workouts, it’s impossible not to gain something out of it. As a matter of fact, those who have tried extreme fitness and managed to survive are keen on getting back to the workout because of the positive results they’ve achieved despite the pain. Extreme fitness specialists are bringing back the primal movement craze where your body is taught to endure pain in order to gain strength that will help you in times of need.




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