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There has been quite a lot of buzz about the Insanity Workout that many are enticed with the idea of toning and sculpting their muscles in just 60 days. Many have tried the workout and were impressed with the results while others weren’t able to finish the whole 60 days because of issues with the workout regimen, the diet plan, and other factors.
For those who are considering trying the Insanity Workout but are not really sure how they should go on about, here are a few tips that can help you survive this intense 60-days workout regimen and achieve your desired results.

Prepare Your Mind

Before you start the Insanity Workout you need to prepare yourself mentally. You should think about whether you are ready to commit 2 months of your life for this workout regimen. You need to tell yourself that this isn’t a quick fix to your weight loss needs and that you will need to work hard to achieve the desired results.

Eat Right

Many fail the Insanity Workout because they don’t eat right. Just so you know, this is an intense workout and not eating properly or consuming foods that aren’t right for you can affect your performance levels. So please, do eat right.

Form is Important

It’s easy enough to get excited with the Insanity Workout especially when watching professionals do the workout that you’ll be pushing yourself to do the same number of reps as fast as possible. However, Shaun T, the creator of the Insanity Workout, has always been emphasizing the form is more important than your speed.



Don’t forget to follow the warm up and cool down exercises that are part of the program so your muscles can recover quickly and you’ll feel less pain. Also, when you stretch your muscles before and after the Insanity Workout you are minimizing your risk from injuries. Try incorporating yoga in your training regimen to make you more flexible, supple, and stronger.

Pacing is Everything

This actually goes hand in hand with number 3. You might feel compelled to follow the pace of Shaun T and the rest of his crew but working out slowly while keeping the right form can do more good than trying to speed up your pace.


What’s great about Insanity workout is that you are not obliged to follow the forms to the T. You can actually modify some of the workouts included especially when you’re just starting just so you can build up your strength and endurance. As you progress through the weeks, you can actually perform the right exercises along with the rest of the Insanity crew.

Stick to Your Schedule

Discipline is everything when it comes to Insanity which means you will need to stick to your schedule as much as possible. Skipping just one day can lead to skipping the next day and the next and the next.


With these tips in mind, there is a higher chance that you’ll be able to perform Insanity from start to finish. Preparing yourself mentally and maintaining discipline throughout the program will help you achieve the desired results.






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Tips for Insanity Workout