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Trending Workouts Revive Old Workout Equipment

Fitness trends these days include the rise of old and forgotten exercise tools as fitness experts and creators of intense workouts incorporate them into...

Fitness trends these days include the rise of old and forgotten exercise tools as fitness experts and creators of intense workouts incorporate them into their workouts. Exercise equipment such as jump rope, dumbbells, and even medicine balls are flying off the shelves as health and fitness conscious individuals are seeing the numerous benefits of using any of these tools in their quest to achieve a fit and healthy body.

Old Workout Equipment is on the Rise

Dumbbells may have been pushed aside with the appearance of weighted machines over the past decades but thanks to fitness programs that are focusing on the basics of working out, dumbbells are now the center of attention as weight training, cardio, and high intensity training require its participants to use them to add more challenge to their workout.

Jump ropes may have been forgotten or are stereotyped as a tool used by a boxer but in these times where people are looking for ways to become physically fit without having to leave their home, they have become the go-to-equipment by many. A simple rope that you skip or jump over not only works out your lower body but your coordination and balance as well.

Medicine balls have been around for centuries as Greeks use them as part of their treatment for any physical ailments and until now, many are still inclined to use a medicine ball to improve their flexibility, their blood flow, their strength, as well as heal any muscle or joint problems due to the series of exercises that you can perform using the medicine ball. Also, this equipment can help you stabilize yourself through your core as you need to engage it every time you work out with a medicine ball. A strong core means easier and more fluid motion as you lift, bend, and stand.


Trending Workouts that Use Old Fashioned Fitness Tools

Since many are going back to the basics when it comes to staying fit, the demand for basic tools such as jump ropes, weights, and medicine balls is on the rise. Squats, lunges, and curls, which are all basic workouts, make use of weights to help add more challenge to the exercise to boost muscle toning. Although weighted machines can do the work, using two dumbbells at the same time makes you practice balancing yourself, adding more strength to your muscles, while at the same time get to tone and sculpt in your arms.

Even jump ropes are being used as part of an athlete’s pre and post workout regimen and even those who are seeking home fitness programs are utilizing the benefits of this simple workout tool to achieve weight loss, flexibility, and even strength.

Those who join marathons are also incorporating the use of weights such as ankle weights or are carrying dumbbells as they run, but although this can help add strength, there is a high risk of injury too. This is why, there are specific workouts that use certain old fashioned tools to help improve one’s performance and overall fitness.




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Trending Workouts Revive Old Workout Equipment