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Biking, swimming and running are all manageable sports on their own right but done together? Now that is an entirely different challenge!


One might think that doing all three is pure torture and while that may be the case for some, not everyone thinks the same way. If you’re not convinced, just see the numerous triathletes training and preparing for their next triathlon event and you may just believe it.


Triathlon could be very overwhelming and intimidating to do especially for beginners. One has hardly gotten over the fact that three sports in one major event are in order to succeed and yet there are training schedules and gears that one must think of.


But to say that fulfilling and finishing a triathlon is impossible is not correct. A lot of people have succeeded and not just for one time. Some, numerous times actually. What one must understand is that preparation is the key to succeed in this daunting event.


If you’re a first timer, some suggestions to keep you going is to get a coach and join a triathlon group to keep you motivated. The coach is effective to teach you the proper form and way of doing things. Not only that, your coach would keep you in check and point out things you must correct and practice without thinking of hurting your feelings as what your mom or wife would be inclined to do.


On the other hand, a triathlon group would add enjoyment, fun and camaraderie in an otherwise pretty grueling ordeal you would subject yourself too. Your group could also act as an anchor and support system especially when you are too exhausted, dehydrated and overwhelmed to continue.


Once you’ve decided you want to do your first triathlon, then it’s time to buy the gear. You cannot start training without this. It just wouldn’t work. Sure, you could use your Van Halen shirt for running but it just wouldn’t be healthy and feasible for you (and your skin) after 10 minutes of it.


For swimming, you would need a one-piece swimsuit (nothing sexy), cap and goggles. You could also trade in your swimsuit for a wetsuit as it gives you more leeway in your movements. For the biking part, it’s important that you have a bike. And not just any old vintage bike but a tri bike as it’s lightweight and built to last. Cycling shorts and helmet is also a must. Last, but not the least, your running shoes.


Once you have these, decide on what kind of triathlon event you want to sign up for. There is the Olympic Triathlon, The Ironman, The Half Ironman and Sprints. The longest and most famous is The Ironman while the most common is the Olympic. Sprints are best for beginners as each event’s distances are very short for triathlon standards.


Once you’ve decided, then it’s time to train. There are available training plans for those who want to start with triathlon based on the number of months you would be preparing. If you have a coach, then this would not be a concern as your coach could prepare it for you based on your capability when you started. Don’t forget to rest in between trainings or as directed by your coach so as not to strain or burn yourself out in the process.


Your training calendar would provide you with the guide on when to kick up your training a notch or when to decrease its intensity.


If you’ve followed your plan and prepared duly for the event, then you do not need to worry come race day. What’s important is you enjoy and give it your best shot and know that at the end of the day, what’s important is that you do what you have set for yourself to accomplish and remained at it until the end.

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Triathlon For Dummies: How To Prepare For Your First Ironman