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So you’ve probably been in your gym and saw these yellow and black cordlike structures dangling from the ceiling. These are not the newest way to do suicide when your weigh-loss regimen isn’t working. In fact, it’s the opposite. These black and yellow ropes are called the TRX and it just might be the solution to your workout problem.


TRX is shortcut for Total Body Resistance Exercise and strengthening your body is at the heart of this quite intimidating-at-first look workout. The key to this strength training is using your body as resistance in building muscles and achieving that toned physique. In fact, this workout was popularized by the U.S. Navy Seals so you can just imagine how effective it is.


But before you start TRX, here are some important things you need to know to survive your first workout:


No more bulky weights and dumbbells.

As the theory behind this workout is using your body’s weights, you’d be pleased to know that you would not be using barbells or dumbbells for this. One would rely solely on the use of their body weight for movements that works out their core to stabilize it and to improve flexibility. The good thing with TRX is that it works out multiple muscle groups as opposed to just a few isolated muscles. So more body parts are exercised in just a few minutes and routines.


Be dressed for a challenge.

As the workout involves body movements swinging on the cords, it is best to come in dressed in lightweight, breathable and non-restricting exercise gear. If you are used to wearing very short shorts or sweats, it might not be the best routine for these active wear.


You’re good to go at any level.

Whether you’re new at exercising or has been considered a gym rat, this exercise is great for you. The routines could be progressed or regressed depending on one’s capability. If balance is your waterloo, routines using both legs could be done at first and slowly progress to just using one leg. No matter what you think your weakness is, TRX have something for you.


The moves are simple

No, they are not easy to execute but yes, they are simple in the sense that you’ve probably done these exercises before without the suspension cords and in just a different setting. Exercises such as pull-ups, squats, lunges, sidekicks and the like are just among the few that could be done with the help of the TRX cords so no need to be worried.


Do not be intimidated with the set-up

It’s not exactly friendly looking but you won’t be hanging from it either, unless you want to channel your inner Spider-Man, then that’s another story. The suspension cords are designed for hanging on a wall, ceiling and even a door as long as it’s stable and there are handles for better grip.


So, you’re ready! Just don’t forget to bring a towel to wipe away all that sweat from the intense workout and your own water bottle to help you hydrate. Happy exercising!



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TRX for Dummies: Things You Need To Know To Survive Your First Suspension Workout