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What You Should Know About Android Wear

Google has taken part in the growing wearable technology with its Android Wear. As the name suggests, these wearables make use of Google’s Android...

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Google has taken part in the growing wearable technology with its Android Wear. As the name suggests, these wearables make use of Google’s Android software to operate with dedicated software included in the package. Google has initially launched two smartwatches and these are Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch. Others have followed suit as well.

The concept behind Android Wear is to sync your smartphone with your smartwatch with the latter always strapped on your wrist to function. You can then use your smartwatch to answer calls, send emails, send SMS, and even help you achieve your fitness goal. The question, however, is whether it is worth investing on such a device.

Everything Android Wear

For you to decide whether buying Android Wear is right for you, here are a few things for you to consider.

It only works with Android phones

It will be a bummer if you purchase this device while using a Windows or iPhone as Android Wear is only compatible with devices that run on Android 4.3 or above

Most Android Wear watches have the same hardware and software

All Android Wear watches have the same user interface, same voice-driven features, RAM, processors, and designs even. There are some variations when it comes to design and battery life.

You need to talk to your smartwatch

Since Android Wear watches lack a typing interface for you to answer text messages and emails, you need to speak to your device instead. The built-in microphone will take a dictation which will later be sent to the recipients.

More designs

Google’s Android Wear comes in different designs. Some have a rounded watch face, while others are more squarish or rectangular depending on the manufacturer.

It uses Google Play

All apps are downloaded via Google Play. They will automatically appear in your smartwatch once you’ve downloaded it in your Android phone or have updated it using Google Play.

It’s almost the same as Google Glass

Android Wear has the same features as that of Google Glass where you can scroll and tap the screen to open apps, menus that make use of your voice to get activated, and even swipe-away notification. The difference is that this one is worn on the wrist.

Is Android Wear for You?

Wearable technology is no doubt taking the world by storm but do you really need to buy one? This depends on whether you want to wear such a device all the time and whether you find it convenient to be able to check your fitness regimen, your schedule, your emails in just a tiny device that is strapped on your wrist.

Many are inclined to purchase Android Wear because they can easily sync their phones to their watches where they can simply tap and scroll to find the apps they’re using. No need to bring out your smartphone to check your workout regimen for the day. You can use your Android Wear to guide you in your fitness program and since it is simply strapped on your wrist, within easy access all the time.



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What You Should Know About Android Wear