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You’ve probably heard about Pilates from a close friend, a colleague, or perhaps even your dentist. Different types of people of various ages who tried Pilates remark on the vast improvement they experienced from their flexibility all the way to their toned physique. It’s no wonder that this exercise has become one of the most talked about workouts of today.

What Can Pilates Do For You

Working out means pushing your muscles to execute each exercise properly sometimes by lifting weights, using resistance bands, or even just your hands and feet. Although you can get a total body workout from various exercises, sometimes injuries can occur when you strain too much. Here’s what Pilates can do for you.

Awareness of Your Body. Pilates teaches its practitioners how to become aware of their body through breathing and symmetry. Practicing Pilates increases one’s awareness on how they sit, stand, even move and determine the cause of the various aches and pains resulting from their body position and then be able to correct them.

Strong Core

Another benefit to doing Pilates is that you’ll be able to strengthen your core. As you move from one pose to another in Pilates, you are engaging your core muscles to retain balance and provide the rest of your muscles stability to execute each pose correctly.
Control of Your Body. Pilates practitioners can gain complete control of their body with frequent practice. Most workouts tend to focus on certain muscle groups separately but with Pilates, there is a synergy among the muscles giving you total control on your body’s movements.


Reduce Stress. In Pilates

you are encouraged to use proper breathing techniques as you move from one exercise to the next. You may be surprised to find that breathing the right way can actually help alleviate your stress levels and the workout that you’re giving your muscles in Pilates can also cause you to forget your troubles because you are concentrating on the task at hand. Pilates can help those who are feeling down or stressed out find relief from their worries.
Flexibility. Practicing Pilates can actually help you become more flexible as you build lean muscles that are stretched and expanded as you flow from one pose to another. Unlike other exercises that are focused on specific muscle groups that tend to bulk up and prone to injuries, Pilates teaches your muscles to become more fluid and relaxed thus reducing any pains and aches afterwards.

Build Strength

The best thing about Pilates is that as you build your core muscles you are also building up your strength. As you train your muscles to become leaner and stronger, you will find that you are more powerful compared to before.

Pilates is an exercise designed for the whole body even all the way to your ankles as well as your feet. Your muscles are also exercised evenly so that there is harmony and symmetry. Including Pilates in your workout regimen can do wonders for your health both physical and mental.



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Workout Benefits of Pilates