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One of the biggest challenges that people face in this fast paced world is finding time to workout. Exercise is one of the key components to living a healthier life and without it there is a big chance that you are exposing yourself to various health issues. Working out isn’t really limited to exercising in the gym and it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to spend hours just to work out the kinks in your muscles. Even working out for 7 minutes can do wonders for your body and your overall health.

Your 7 Minute Workout

The concept behind the 7 minute workout is to push your body through 12 exercises where you will only need to use a wall and a chair to complete one circuit. Each exercise is performed for 30 seconds with 10 seconds rest in between until the whole 12 exercises are done. Obviously, the point of this exercise is to really get your body working up a sweat and by the time you finish the 7 minutes, you’ll feel all kinds of hurt throughout your entire body.

What are the 12 exercises that should go in your 7 minute workout?

Jumping jacks

This will help get the blood pumping and will workout your entire body.
Wall sits – Wall sits are perfect to get your leg muscles working. Among the muscles that will work out in this exercise are your hamstrings, quadriceps, and adductors.


Push-ups are great for targeting the core, shoulders, arms, and back.


Abdominal crunch

This one really focuses on toning your six-pack which aid in making your spinal more flexible.


Like it was mentioned before, the 7 minute workout involves the use of simple equipment such as chair. Step ups require you to use a stool or a chair where you can step up and back down again.


You will be using your body weight for this exercise. Squats are perfect in working out your hamstrings, thighs, buttocks, hips, and quadriceps. It’s a full body workout incorporated in your 7 minute workout.

Triceps dip

As the name suggests, this exercise targets your triceps and should be done using a chair.


This will help strengthen your core as you balance yourself with your toes and arms.

High knees running in place

Often used by runners and athletes, this exercise will help improve your flexibility and power.


Your quadriceps and hamstrings will be put to the test when doing lunges. Your gluteals will be worked out if you go for long lunges as opposed to the shorter ones which target your quadriceps.

Push-up and rotation

Aside from working the shoulders and arms, push-up and rotation will also target your sides as you rotate your body to one side as you push upwards.

Side plank

The abdominal muscles, specifically your obliques, will be pushed hard in this exercise.
These 12 exercises may seem easy at first but in your high intensity 7 minute workout, you’ll feel the sweat, burn, and fatigue half way through the workout. A simple but intense routine, this 7 minute workout can definitely do your body and your health some good.



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Workout in Just 7 Minutes