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With a lot of new workout routines coming out for just about anyone, it becomes hard to know which is suitable and better for you. One could say that the kind of exercise does not really matter, as the result is what’s important. While that may be true in the long run, knowing the right kind of exercise is beneficial and offers a lot of advantages for active people.


Among the top workout routines that get a lot of comparison and confusion are Yoga and Pilates. Yoga is a form of exercise that includes a lot of stretching and meditation and dates back centuries ago while its younger sibling is a form of workout that targets the muscle strengthening and has only been in practice in the beginning of the 20th century.


Different strokes for different folks and exercise routines are no different. So how would you know which is better for you – Yoga or Pilates? Well, it’s time you find out as the two routines go head to head against each other.


Aside from the stretching exercise of Yoga that helps improve one’s flexibility, posture and endurance, it involves deep breathing exercises that help one relax as one work outs. Quite the opposite of the effects of other routines. It also takes into practice meditation that aids in emotional and mental rest.






Meanwhile, breathing exercises in Pilates are used to support muscles so that they would be equipped with energy to be able to exercise effectively. Remember that Pilates is all about strengthening the upper body and core muscles while aiding in the helping the body to be more flexible.


Some of the poses done in Yoga are also done in Pilates, especially those that target the abdominal muscles. However, the routines for Pilates are more intense and known for achieving results in a short period of time. Whereas, Yoga might take a longer time to effect because it is considered as a low impact exercise.


Yoga is effective in achieving a flexible body including joints. On the other hand, Pilates relaxes tight muscles so that it becomes stronger and firmer in the process.


In terms of effects, Yoga and Pilates are both known for relieving back pain and toning one’s body. Both are also effective in strengthening your core muscles.


In previous years, Pilates was used for physical rehabilitation of soldiers that have been injured in the war. Meanwhile, Yoga was practiced to achieve both mental and physical relaxation.


Because of their different uses, it would be a lot easier for one to choose the suitable exercise for himself based on what he wants to achieve out of the exercise. For flexibility and a mind-and-body balanced well-being, try Yoga. For a toner and leaner physique, then Pilates must be the one for you.


However, one may not need to choose as both are effective and complement each other. Pilates could aid in strengthening core muscles for an improved stability doing the poses. Meanwhile, the flexibility that comes from Yoga would help one strengthen his muscles easily in Pilates classes.

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YOGA vs. PILATES: Which is best for you?